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Incorporating a Company in Singapore

If you are interested in setting up a business in Singapore, start with the guides in this section. They will provide you an overall understanding of the company registration procedure, required documents, types of appropriate business structures, compliance requirements, as well as the other pertinent information necessary to start and run your Singapore venture.

Is Singapore the Right Place to Incorporate Your Business?

Numerous international organizations have consistently ranked Singapore very highly for the ease of doing business. Learn about the key benefits of setting up a Singapore company.

How to Register a New Company in Singapore

Incorporating a Singapore company is fast, easy, and free from unnecessary red-tape. Find out the requirements and procedure to register a private limited company in Singapore.

Opening a Bank Account for Your Singapore Company

A useful guide on opening a corporate bank account in Singapore, the recent regulatory changes that affect bank account opening, and the Customer Due Diligence procedures.

Filing Requirements for Singapore Companies

An essential guide to the basic annual compliance and filing requirements that Singapore private limited companies must file to relevant government bodies.

Singapore Entry Options for a Foreign Company

A comparative overview of the three types of business structures available to foreign companies that wish to open their office in Singapore.

Setting up a Holding Company in Singapore

What is a holding company structure and why is it so popular in Singapore? You will find answers to these and other questions about holding companies in this guide.

Relocating to Singapore

If you plan to relocate to Singapore to operate your company, read our guides in this section. They will provide you an overall understanding of the various options available for you and your family.

Quick Guide to Singapore Immigration

This is a comprehensive immigration guide that covers the most common types of work passes and family passes available to foreigners who wish to live and work in Singapore.

Employment Pass (EP) Immigration Scheme

This guide contains all essential information about the main work pass available for company executives and the other professional staff who may need to move to Singapore.

Dependant Pass for Family Members

Covers key information about the eligibility, required documents, and procedure to obtain a Dependent Pass visa for family members in Singapore.

Taxes in Singapore

This section will provide you an overall understanding of Singapore's tax system and types of taxes, details of taxation of corporate and individual income. After reading this section you will know the peculiarities of foreign-sourced income taxation, Goods and Services Tax registration, and the other tax-related issues necessary for each entrepreneur.

Singapore's Tax System and Types of Taxes

An introductory overview of Singapore’s tax system, key facts, types of taxes, current tax rates, and benefits of Singapore’s tax regulations for companies and individuals.

Corporate Tax Regulations in Singapore

A must read guide with information on corporate tax rate, taxable income, tax exemptions, tax filing requirements, and tax incentives for Singapore companies.

Tax on Foreign-Sourced Income in Singapore

Explains the tax treatment of foreign-sourced income in Singapore, such as dividends, interest, rental income, royalties, and other profits from foreign operations.

Audit Exemption for Singapore Companies

Learn about the concept of “small company” that exempts Singapore companies that fulfill certain criteria from the requirement of annual audit.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore

This guide describes the requirements and procedure for GST registration in Singapore and provides information about the procedure for filing GST tax returns.

Overview of Singapore's Double Tax Treaties

A very useful guide on Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (or DTAs) that Singapore has concluded with an extensive network of foreign countries.

Singapore's Business Regulations

If you are interested in setting up a business in Singapore, this section will provide you an overall understanding of the country's business regulatory framework.

Introduction to Singapore's Legal System

This article provides an overview of the Singapore’s legal system, its judiciary, approach to dispute resolution and the application of law.

Key Business Regulations of Singapore

This is an introductory article that provides an overview of the regulatory framework within which every Singapore company must operate and the basic rules it must follow.

Guide to Singapore Employment Law

This article is a guide to the employment regulations that will give you understanding of how you can comply with labour laws when running a company in Singapore.

PDPA and GDPR Compliance for Singapore Companies

This guide will help you to ensure that your Singapore company is compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Singapore Contract Regulations

This guide provides a brief overview of the Singapore's Contract Law and explains how its laws and judicial system make the state one of the best places to sign business agreements.

Singapore Trademark Registration Law

A simple and informative guide to trademark registration in Singapore. Also includes information on applying for an international trademark in Singapore under Madrid protocol.

Incorporating From India

This section provides articles that will be interesting for Indian entrepreneurs who are going to set up or already running a Singapore-based company.

Singapore or Hong Kong?

This section provides guides that will be interesting for entrepreneurs from Hong Kong who are thinking of relocating to Singapore and set up a company in the island-state.

Compare Singapore With Other Countries

You are thinking of launching your startup in Singapore, but still evaluating other options? Our comparison guides will help you understand how Singapore differs from the other popular locations for launching a startup and why you may find it the best place for your business to succeed.

Launching a Startup in India vs Singapore

In this article, we analyzed the key factors which should be evaluated while choosing between Singapore and India for launching a startup.

Launching a Startup in the UK vs Singapore

This article is a guide that will help you decide which is the best country for launching your startup: Singapore or the United Kingdom.

Launching a Startup in Australia vs Singapore

In this article, we evaluate and compare the attractiveness of Singapore vs Australia from the perspective of launching a startup.

Industry Specific Guides

Guides in this section provide a comprehensive introduction to starting industry specific businesses in Singapore, the relevant licensing requirements, and other necessary regulations.

Setting up an Import Export Company in Singapore

If you plan to set up an import or export business, Singapore will be a perfect place for incorporating such a venture.

A Guide to Singapore's Free Trade Zones

This article is a guide to Singapore's free trade zones, areas that provide beneficial customs and tax treatment.

Starting a Shipping Company in Singapore

This article describes the steps for launching a shipping business and relevant licensing requirements.

Setting up an Employment Agency in Singapore

This is a guide to the procedure for obtaining an employment agency license in Singapore.

Setting up a Travel Agency in Singapore

If your company carries on travel agency activities in Singapore, it should obtain a license. Find out how!

Setting up an Education Business in Singapore

This is a guide to starting a private educational institution in Singapore and obtaining the necessary licenses.

Financial Services Licensing Regime in Singapore

This article is a guide to the financial services regulations in Singapore and the relevant licensing regime.

Singapore Regulations on Healthcare Products

This is a guide to regulations on the manufacture, licensing, and sale of healthcare products in Singapore.

Starting an eCommerce Business on Amazon Singapore

This article is a guide to starting an eCommerce business on Amazon Singapore.