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Singapore Business Regulations explained

Singapore Business Regulations

If you are interested in setting up a business in Singapore, this section will provide you an overall understanding of the country's business regulatory framework. We will be gradually adding more doing business guides here.

Introduction to Singapore Legal System

This article provides an overview of the Singapore’s legal system, its judiciary, approach to dispute resolution and the application of law.

Introduction to Key Business Laws of Singapore

This is an introductory article that provides an overview of the regulatory framework within which every Singapore company must operate and the basic rules it must follow.

Guide to Singapore Employment Law

This article is a guide to the employment regulations and will give you understanding of how you can comply with labour laws when running a company in Singapore.

GDPR and PDPA Compliance for Singapore Companies

This article will help you to ensure that your Singapore company is compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Crowdfunding Regulations in Singapore

This article is a guide to the crowdfunding regulations in Singapore. Find out how to fund the launch of your Singapore startup using crowdfunding.

Singapore Payment Services Act

This article is a guide to new regulations governing payment services in Singapore that came into force through the recently passed Payment Services Act.

Overview of the Singapore Contract Law

This article is an overview of the Singapore's Contract Law and explains how its regulations make the state one of the best places to sign business agreements.

Singapore Electronic Transactions Law

This is a guide to Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act that provides a legal framework for digital services and encourages businesses to transact electronically.

Singapore Trademark Registration Law

This article is a guide to trademark registration in Singapore and it describes the steps for applying for a international trademark application in this country.

Singapore Intellectual Property Law

This article describes how Singapore protects intellectual property and what programs it offers to encourage the registration of IP in the country.

Singapore Business Licensing Requirements

In this guide, we will outline the main types of licenses in Singapore and current licensing requirements relevant to various business industries.
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