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Singapore Company Regulations explained

Incorporating a Company in Singapore

If you are interested in setting up a business in Singapore, start with the guides in this section. They will provide you an overall understanding of the company registration procedure, compliance requirements, as well as the other pertinent information necessary to start and run your Singapore venture.

Is Singapore the Right Place to Incorporate Your Business?

Numerous international organizations have consistently ranked Singapore very highly for the ease of doing business. Learn about the key benefits of setting up a Singapore company.

How to Register a New Company in Singapore

Incorporating a Singapore company is fast, easy, and free from unnecessary red-tape. Find out the requirements and procedure to register a private limited company in Singapore.

Local Director Alternatives for Singapore Companies

This article is a guidance on available options for satisfying the Local Director requirement for foreign-owned Singapore companies. It describes three such options.

Opening a Bank Account for Your Singapore Company

This is a guide on opening a corporate bank account in Singapore, the recent regulatory changes that affect bank account opening, and the Customer Due Diligence procedures.

Filling Requirements for Singapore Companies

This article describes the basic annual compliance and filing requirements that Singapore private limited companies must file to relevant government bodies.

Singapore Entry Options for a Foreign Company

A comparative overview of the three types of business structures available to foreign companies that wish to open their office in Singapore.

Setting up a Branch Office in Singapore

This article provides an overview of the registration requirements, taxation, and compliance for Singapore branch offices of foreign companies.

Setting up a Representative Office in Singapore

This article provides information about setting up a representative office that allows foreign companies to assess the viability of doing business in Singapore.

Setting up a Holding Company in Singapore

What is a holding company structure and why is it so popular in Singapore? You will find answers to these and other questions about holding companies in this article.

PLC vs. EPC vs. Subsidiary Company

This article will explain the key differences between the Singapore Private Limited Company, Exempt Private Company, and Subsidiary Company.

Digital Corporate Bank Account in Singapore

This article is a guide to the digital banking options that are available for companies operating in Singapore, their pros, cons, and relevant regulatory issues.

An SSIC Code for Your Singapore Company

This guide offers useful information on choosing a suitable SSIC code that accurately reflects your company's main business activity.

Company Name Approval Guidelines

This article describes guidelines for choosing a name for your Singapore company, searching name availability, and securing approval for the preferred name.

Founder’s Stock in a New Singapore Company

This article will describe what is founder's stock and outline the benefits as well as potential pitfalls of holding founder’s stock in a new Singapore company.

Share Classes for Singapore Companies

This article is a guide to the classes of shares that can be issued by Singapore companies and the rights that usually accompany each type of share class.

Setting up an Offshore Company in Singapore

Explains the nature of offshore companies, why traditional tax haven are no longer suitable, and why incorporate an offshore company in Singapore.

Key Singapore Government Agencies

This article explains the essential government agencies that play a pivotal role in regulating your Singapore business activities.

Singapore Company Law

This subsection provides more detailed guides on specific issues of running a Singapore company such as roles and responsibilities of company directors, shareholders, and secretary, specificities of Singapore company constitution, company meetings, and many other corporate law issues.

Duties and Powers of Singapore Company Directors

This guide is an overview of company directors in Singapore, with topics that include: duties and powers of directors, appointment requirements, procedure, and related issues.

Nominee Director of a Singapore Company

Every Singapore company must have at least one resident director. That's why foreign companies often use the services of Nominee Directors. Find out the role of a Nominee Director in this guide.
bookkeeping in singapore

Tips for Efficient Bookkeeping in Singapore

Some small business owners handle bookkeeping and accounting themselves, while others prefer hiring professional bookkeepers. This guide will help you to decide.

Roles and Responsibilities of Singapore Company Secretary

This guide covers the regulations governing appointment, role, and duties of a Singapore company secretary who ensures that the company is compliant with Company Law.

Share Capital Requirements and Shareholding Rules

This article describes Singapore company law on share capital, types of shares, the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, the issuance and transfer of shares in Singapore.

Singapore Company Controller Regulations

This article describes Singapore company law on register of controllers that Singapore local companies, foreign companies, and LLPs are required to maintain.

Constitution for Singapore Companies

This is a guide to the company constitution — a document that defines the company’s legal name, scope of activities, and the rules by which a Singapore company must operate.

Guide to Singapore Company Meetings

This article describes the legal nature and common types of company meetings — gatherings of shareholders or directors to transact any lawful business.

Variable Capital Company (VCC) Structure in Singapore

This article explains the key features of the VCC, the legal framework relating to the VCC incorporation, and sets out the advantages of such structure in Singapore.

What to Know about ACRA - Singapore Company Registrar

In this article, we have combined the most frequently asked questions about ACRA - Singapore Company Registrar - and how it works.

Guide to XBRL Filing in Singapore

This article explains the requirements, procedure for filing financial statements of Singapore companies in XBRL format, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes.
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