Singapore Tax Law

Singapore Tax Regulations Explained

Taxes in Singapore

This section will provide you an overall understanding of Singapore's tax system and types of taxes, details of taxation of corporate and individual income. After reading this section you will know the peculiarities of foreign-sourced income taxation, Goods and Services Tax registration, and the other tax-related issues necessary for each entrepreneur.

Singapore Tax System and Types of Taxes

This article is an overview of Singapore’s tax system, current tax rates, and benefits of Singapore’s tax regulations for companies and individuals.

Corporate Tax Regulations in Singapore

This guide covers the issues of corporate tax rate, taxable income, tax exemptions, tax filing requirements, and tax incentives for Singapore companies.

Tax on Foreign-Sourced Income in Singapore

This article covers the tax treatment of foreign-sourced income in Singapore, such as dividends, interest, and other profits from foreign operations.

Audit Exemption for Singapore Companies

Learn about the concept of “small company” that exempts Singapore companies that fulfill certain criteria from the requirement of annual audit.

Individual Tax Regulations in Singapore

This article is a guide to personal taxation in Singapore including tax rates, tax residency, taxable income, and tax filing requirements.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore

This article describes the requirements and procedure for GST registration in Singapore and provides information about the procedure for filing GST tax returns.

Withholding Tax Regulations in Singapore

This article provides an overview of the withholding tax principles, tax rates, and filing requirements in Singapore for companies and individuals.

Transfer Pricing Rules in Singapore

This article is a guide to transfer pricing regulations and “arm's length principle” applicable to Singapore companies when they conduct intragroup transactions.

Tax Residency of a Singapore Company

This article provides a quick guidance on how the tax residency of corporate entities is determined in Singapore and why tax residency is important.

Deductible and Non-deductible Company Expenses in Singapore

Uncover secrets of managing company expenses in Singapore. Learn what expenses are tax deductible and which are non-deductible to maximize your business savings.
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Overview of Singapore Double Tax Treaties

If you are doing international business and have paid taxes in a foreign country, Singapore will not double tax your income. To prevent such double taxation, Singapore has entered into Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (or DTAs) with an extensive network of such countries. This subsection provides guides on DTAs concluded between Singapore and particular foreign countries.
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