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Trustworthy and professional


We engaged CorporateServices.com to set up our Singapore company and I must acknowledge that your team has done a superb job. The attention to detail and the quick replies to our questions made a huge difference; and I was not dealing with some automated bots, but with real experts who understood the nuances of our questions. To top it all, your software platform is excellent, especially the documentation which is the most scary part in general (speaking of my experience in India). It turned out to be fairly easy, and quick. All documentation was done online — it is clear that this platform has been developed by an expert software team. Thank you for all of your help to ease our entry into the Singapore business market!

You made it so simple.


You made it so simple. Your team took the time to understand my needs and provided clear and concise answers to my questions. With your online system and electronic signatures, the whole incorporation process was a breeze. Can't wait to visit Singapore and meet you guys and proceed with my bank account opening. Thank you so much for doing a great job!

Bill Wheeldin Founder & CEO, YIN YANG HOLDINGS PTE. LTD.

Easy incorporation without any surprises


I'd always heard that company set up in Singapore was easy but I didn't expect it to be that easy. The team at CorporateServices.com made it all come together without any surprises; from the initial quote to checking of paperwork to actual incorporation, they managed it all with finesse. The icing on the cake was their prompt and professional assistance for opening the corporate bank account.

Wonderful experience, from start to finish.


I am very happy with my experience with your firm. Your online platform is very easy to use and your responsive, well-organized, and attentive professionals are very helpful. The platform streamlines the reviewing, signing, and management of all documents; and I can track the status of my requests anytime. The combination of top-notch professionals and a well-designed platform have made it easy for me to incorporate and operate in Singapore. I highly recommend CorporateServices.com. Your competitive pricing and superb post-incorporation services have only validated my decision to work with you.

John Pappas Managing Partner, Trident Capital

Impeccable Experience


My overall experience with CorporateServices.com has been impeccable. In a nutshell: expert guidance, affordable fees, and sophisticated technology. Your online CSP software makes a huge difference, and I like it immensely. Thank you guys, for being such an excellent partner!

Lukas Zvala Lawyer

All in all fine.


"All in all fine" — that is how I can summarize my experience with CorporateServices.com. As an international legal counsel, I advice my clients on the choice of corporate and accountancy services providers available in Singapore. By selecting and recommending your firm, I feel that I have not made any mistake at all. Instead, your team has been a reliable one-stop point of excellent service. I should add that your team has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism all along; so I feel that my clients are in very good hands.

Illarion I. Girs, LLM Counsel, ILLARION.PRO

Excellent end-to-end solution


The incorporation process with CorporateServices.com was simple and quick! Your online system works great as I could exchange all necessary information and documents through the system. I am especially impressed with your team that did an excellent job in answering all my questions promptly and competently. Thank you for your assistance with opening our company’s bank account. You guys have an excellent end-to-end solution!

Exceeded my expectations!


Since my first contact with your firm, every experience that I have had, has been great — delivered with top-notch professionalism. Your team has been quick to respond to every request and, thanks to your excellent software platform, it works very efficiently. In comparison to the other firms I investigated, you offer a far better combination of sophisticated technology, transparent pricing, and world-class service. You have not just met all my expectations, you have exceeded them.

Jonatan Altszul Founder, Bit Trap Pte. Ltd.

Completely delighted


The setup of my Singapore company was straightforward and quick, thanks to your well-designed online platform and your excellent staff. It has been a delight to work with your supportive and knowledgeable team. Their guidance and assistance for establishing my company’s banking relationship with OCBC was extremely helpful!

A trusted partner


We engaged CorporateServices.com for the incorporation of two of our holding companies in Singapore. The level of service provided, clarity on pricing, responsive technology backup, proactive customer service, value for money offered will all make CorporateServices.com a valuable associate in your business growth. We highly recommend their services for companies from regions in North America due to quick responsiveness even across time zone and the expectations of similar work culture.

Impressive, holistic approach


As the founder of a newly incorporated company, I am very pleased with the quality of services that you provide. I am impressed by your holistic approach — an intuitive online platform, a team of experienced professionals, and transparent pricing. And thank you for being prompt, patient, and meticulous in addressing all my questions and concerns. I am delighted to be your client!

Fabian Reinhardt Founder, SELF-MADE PTE. LTD.

You will be in safe hands.


I’ve made the correct decision in choosing the CorporateServices.com team in Singapore for my company formation. Communication has always been great, my company and the bank account were set up almost immediately. I highly recommend anyone looking for a professional team to sign up with CSP; rest assured, you’ll be in safe hands.

Thoroughly impressed!


I have been thoroughly impressed with the team at Corporate Services and their advice, organization, and punctuality for my company incorporation and EP application. Their systemized workflow ensured I was fully aware of the status of my application at all times. Besides, the team was quick to respond to all of my queries. I would and have already recommended their services wholeheartedly.

Exceeded expectations in every way!


After an extensive evaluation of corporate service providers in Singapore, we selected CorporateServices.com to help us incorporate our Singapore legal entity and to secure Employment Pass for our staff. The results have exceeded our expectations in every way; in particular, I was very impressed with the expert guidance the team provided to navigate the Employment Pass application process. Now that our staff is ready to relocate to Singapore and our company’s bank account is open, we can focus on growing our Singapore venture. It's refreshing to collaborate with a team that is at the top of its game.

Excellent results, delivered at speed


As a goal-focused executive, I was searching for a corporate secretarial firm that could share my business values and deliver high-quality results quickly. Your key attributes — including the user-friendly web interface with innovative technology, knowledgeable team, and a can-do attitude — persuaded me to engage the services of your firm. As always, while searching for services online, I was a bit skeptical about the promises and statements made on your site. But after having used your services to set up my Singapore company, I can confirm that the positive statements about the quality and speed are not exaggerated. I contacted you on Sunday and got an immediate response. By Wednesday, my company was ready to go! Thank you for delivering excellent results, your support and guidance throughout the whole process has been exceptional. I have already recommended your services to a friend of mine and will undoubtedly do it again!

No second thoughts at all!


Working with your team has been a delightful experience — highly professional service, innovative technology, and affordable fees. I am especially impressed with the friendly attitude and prompt communication of your team. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to the startup community. No need for second thoughts!

Aimee Brigstocke Founder, NOT4DATING PTE. LTD

A value-adding partner


The challenge we faced was finding a partner who could add the value and benefits of an easy-to-use online platform but couple it with the provision of astute guidance about the most efficient company setup structure. We found the online platform very simple, very easy-to-use, and backed up with very effective messaging tools to ask and receive timely guidance. On top of this, if you need to send a simple email or schedule a call outside of the system, the response rate has been very impressive. I would not hesitate in recommending the friendly team at Corporate Services to anyone looking to set up a venture in Singapore.

You delivered exactly what you promised


I have had an excellent experience working with CorporateServices.com. Your team ensured a smooth incorporation for my company from start to finish. I am especially impressed with your online system that dramatically simplified the documents submission, verification, and signing. The online access to all my company documents is very convenient. Would recommend your service to everyone without any hesitation!

Superb professionalism


Guys, I am very impressed with your team’s competence and professionalism in all the services I have received so far. A huge “thank you” to Tiffany who always answers my questions promptly and is very thorough in her follow-ups. My experience with your firm has surpassed my expectations. I look forward to continuing our successful cooperation!

Ricky Gordon Smith Founder, NORTH HAVEN PTE LTD

Wholeheartedly recommend your firm!


Your experienced team and state-of-the-art online platform made the complete incorporation process a very pleasant experience. Besides, I am impressed with your team’s proactive customer service — Jacqueline and Tonya have addressed all my questions and concerns promptly and efficiently. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to any entrepreneur looking for a professional and competent corporate services provider in Singapore!

Jeremy Roger Director, MKTN PTE. LTD.

You team and service are great!


Absolutely transparent, clear, and quick through your innovative software platform. All promised services have been delivered. Highly recommended!

Amazing team, fantastic platform and superb service!


Amazing team, fantastic platform and superb service! I learned my lesson the hard way - incorporated with another company, got frustrated with their poor service, legacy systems and silly automated bots, then switched to CorporateServices.com. Should have started here.

Jeffrey Liu Founder & CEO, Jenfi

Excellent results!


Very happy with your service and the results. Company registration, bank account opening, Employment Pass approval — everything worked like a charm. Your platform is excellent and makes a huge difference. And all this for a very fair price. Very impressive! I wholeheartedly recommend your firm to anyone setting up a Singapore venture.

Sundi Balu Lead Partner, DigiB

Consistently Competent


I want to acknowledge the great service I have received so far and say that your team has excellent expertise in corporate services for Singapore. You offer exactly what we were looking for — the right balance of reasonable prices and first-class service. Your online CSP system makes the whole experience very smooth and guides our team through easy-to-follow steps for every task. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who plans to set up a company in Singapore.

Bahtiyar Nomozbaev Founder, XSCALE PTE. LTD.

Really perfect job!


You exceeded my expectations on the ease of establishing a company in Singapore! The support from your Customer Service Team was exceptional, I have no negative remarks to make. All relevant staff was always approachable and responsive and very helpful. And the system you established for online administration and monitoring does its bit well and keeps everyone in the loop on the status, open tasks, and documentation requirements. Really perfect job!

Confidential Japanese client wishes to remain private

Amazing platform


Very impressed with your software platform. With my hectic schedule, it is important that I can manage all tasks, communications, and documents online. Your platform gives me that and a whole lot more. Your team is brilliant at what they do and are very easy to work with. For anyone exploring business in Singapore, going with CorporateServices.com is a “no brainer” decision.

My best relationship for setup of a company!


Unlike most foreigners that need a Singapore Pte. Ltd., I have spent a lot of time in Singapore. I have a general knowledge of how businesses there work, in both ethics and office protocol and priorities. I got in touch with 4 other companies that do the same service, and what I found was that they were all “too automated” and did not allow for real answers prior to beginning. I never would have met my deadline using another company. Getting one-on-one phone calls, video calls, and a half dozen replies in a day in emails is very hard to find in Singapore, or anywhere really. Yet, this shows how seriously your company views your role, and how high you set the bar for work performance.

I will likely need to set up 3 more companies in Singapore soon. And I will go right back to where I got the best service - which really should be stated as ... “where my best relationship in the legal set-up of Pte. Ltd. began.”

Scott Morgan Founder, Pillars of Encryption Pte Ltd

A trusted partner!


Thank you to CorporateServices.com for being a professional partner in getting my company incorporated with a short lead time. Your proprietary state-of-the-art CSP system provides an excellent platform for seamless, interactive collaboration. The team assigned to me was consistently professional and caring — right from commencement until the successful incorporation. I feel very well supported and well looked after! Truly, Corporate Services is a trusted and professional partner!

Impeccable service and professionalism


After taking a wide range of criteria into account, it was crucial for us to engage the services that hold a high level of excellence and professionalism. David and his team demonstrated what we were looking for and exceeded our expectations throughout the whole process. Thank you!

The best partner for company incorporation!


Before choosing CSP, we looked at several other options, and not only those located in Singapore but abroad as well. After gathering all information, CSP was convincing the best, so that was our choice. Since then our experience with the firm has proven to us that we selected the best partner to start our Singapore company. The CSP team is a group of true professionals, highly skilled and very prompt in answering even complex questions.

They have met all our expectations. We highly recommend their outstanding service and are very happy with our decision!

Unmatched service!


Thank you for the smooth setup of my company. I am extremely impressed with your CSP system that handled the incorporation so well. Now I am getting familiar with all of the compliance workflows that CSP provides and am realizing how helpful it will be to me for running my company without having to be physically in Singapore. Last but not least, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with your knowledgeable and attentive team. Thank you for providing such high quality services!

Tom Lerndal Founder, ATURE PTE. LTD.

Excellent service, could not have asked for more


I want to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. You have an excellent platform and a very friendly team. I was very impressed by how easy and fast the whole process was. Great job!

Strongly recommend your services!


As an experienced entrepreneur, I am good at spotting innovative solutions, and the CSP system is undoubtedly one. It is a well-designed and easy-to-use platform that enables very efficient collaboration. And the guidance I have received from your team has always been reliable and prompt. I would strongly recommend your services to any entrepreneur who intends to start a business venture in Singapore!

Expertly Done!


Company incorporated, bank account opened, employment pass approved - thank you guys! I am very impressed with the smooth manner and quick pace at which everything was done. I explored several service providers in Singapore but am very glad to have finally engaged your team. Your online platform is awesome - it makes it very easy for me to work with your team and access my documents.

Oliver Weiss CEO, D2G Pte. Ltd.

A Reliable and Competent Partner


Team, thank you for your assistance with the setup of my Singapore company. The whole incorporation process was completed without a hitch. I am especially impressed with your online CSP system. It has a very user-friendly design and it makes collaboration with your team a breeze. I am very pleased to work with such a reliable and competent partner!

All services under one umbrella


You guys made it so simple for me to start my first venture in Singapore. From understanding my requirement to ensuring that all needs are met, your team performed each step promptly and transparently. Thank you for answering all my questions and offering full support throughout the process. And with all services under one umbrella, I could fully rely on you. Thank you, CorporateServices.com!

Dingle Koothoor Simon Founder, NUTCRACKER PTE. LTD.

Very pleasant experience


Working with your team has indeed been a very pleasant experience. Initially, I was impressed with how carefully you walked me through the entire incorporation process. After I selected your firm, the CSP platform, prompt communication, and step-by-step guidance made our company registration process a breeze. I would recommend your services to any entrepreneur who is looking for a competent and reputable corporate service provider!

You guys are great to work with!


As a technology enthusiast, I highly appreciate the efficiency that your platform brings to the company incorporation and administration process. The ease of using the platform, coupled with the professional service I received, has assured me that I selected the right partner for my business. Keep it up, you guys are great to work with!

Muhammad Hussain Mahdi Founder and CEO, NITEX PTE LTD

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