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Local Package

Singapore Company Registration for
Singapore Citizens and Residents

What is Included

This package is suitable if you do not require our Nominee Director service for your company and you do not plan to apply for any work visa. The following services are included:

  • Company Registration
We will prepare all necessary paperwork and register your Singapore private limited company with Singapore company registrar ACRA. Our package fee includes government filing fees.
  • Bank Account Assistance

Assistance for opening your corporate bank account with a Singapore bank.

  • Company Secretary
Company Secretary service for 1 year; Singapore company law requires each company to appoint a local company secretary.
  • Annual Return Filing
Filing of your company’s Annual Return with ACRA .

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Choose this option if you have a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident person (you or someone you know) who will be acting as the local director for your proposed company i.e. you do not need our Nominee Local Director service.

Also, this package assumes that you do not need to apply for a work visa.

Given the above, most commonly this package suits local entrepreneurs who are setting up a private limited company in Singapore.


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Incorporation Procedure and Timeline

Working with us is easy. Once you confirm your decision to engage our services, we will create an account for you in our online Corporate Service Platform (CSP) and you will be immediately collaborating with our service delivery team through the platform to get your company incorporated quickly and efficiently.

The CSP will intelligently coordinate all these steps between you and our team online from start to finish:

  1. Engage our services. Once you decide to proceed with us, we will create an account for you in our system, configure the requested services and assign your service request to you for making payment arrangements. You will be able to make payment via a credit card or bank transfer.
  2. Finalize company structure. In parallel to making payment arrangements, you will be able to provide details of the company structure and upload supporting documents in the system for your proposed company. Our team will review the information you provided and conduct their regulatory KYC due diligence as required by the law. If they need any clarifications, they will coordinate it with you through the system.
  3. Company name approval. Once the KYC due diligence is complete, our team will apply for company name approval.
  4. Sign incorporation documents. After the company name has been approved, our team will prepare the necessary incorporation documents for your signatures. You will sign these documents electronically thus eliminating the need for cumbersome manual paperwork signing and notarisation needs.
  5. Incorporate company. Our team will proceed to register your company with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore after they have obtained your signatures on incorporation documents.
  6. Certificate of incorporation. Upon registration of the company, our team will obtain electronic certificate of incorporation and business profile the company from ACRA.
  7. Bank account and post-incorporation tasks.  Once your company has been incorporated, the CSP system will coordinate all post-incorporation tasks (bank account opening, share certificates, statutory file, and others as applicable) between you and our team.

The general timeline is as described below.

  • Company incorporation process (steps 1-6 above) can take anywhere from one to few days. It will primarily depend on how fast you can act on your end (providing supporting documents, signing of incorporation documents, etc).
  • Bank account opening at present takes about 3-4 weeks in Singapore. Singapore banks require at least one Executive Director to be physically present in Singapore to sign the account opening documents. 

Required Documents

The following supporting documents will be required from you when incorporating your company. Note that all documents must be in English or translated into English.

For each Director, Shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the proposed company:

    1. Passport copy
    2. NRIC copy for Singapore citizens and PRs (or FIN card for Singapore work pass holders)
    3. Residential address proof (for example, a driver’s license, a recent utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)
    4. Brief professional background. This can be in the form of a curriculum vitae (CV), resume or link to the person’s LinkedIn profile.

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