"Excellent results, delivered at speed"
"Superb professionalism"
"Expertly done"
"Very pleasant experience... recommend highly"
"Amazing team, and a fantastic platform"
Foreigner Package
Cost-effective incorporation package delivers all essential services with worry-free early-stage risk coverage
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"Excellent results, delivered at speed"
"Superb professionalism"
"Expertly done"
"Very pleasant experience... recommend highly"
"Amazing team, and a fantastic platform"
Foreigner Package
Cost-effective incorporation package delivers all essential services with worry-free early-stage risk coverage
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Package Details

Phase 1: EXPLORE

First six months

Incorporate and mitigate your business risks (market research, idea validation, operational feasibility, banking, logistics, etc) with a simple-to-understand, cost-effective service bundle for the first six months.
  • Registration of your new company with ACRA
  • Includes S$315 for Government Fee
  • Assistance with bank account application
  • Company secretary service for six months
  • Registered address service for six months
  • Nominee local director service for six months
  • Mix and match any add-on services, per your needs
At the completion of six months, if things are going well with your venture, continue with our Launch Phase. On the other hand, if for whatever reason your plans did not work out, you can ask us to close your company at no additional cost. It's that simple.

Phase 2: LAUNCH

Next six months

At the end of EXPLORE phase, you will seamlessly transition to LAUNCH phase and continue to receive all essential services under this package until the end of the first-year. Specifically, we will provide the following services for the remaining six months:
  • Company secretary service for next 6 months
  • Registered address service for next 6 months
  • Nominee local director service for next 6 months
  • Mix and match any add-on services
From second year onwards, you can continue with our annual GROW Phase package.

Phase 3: GROW

Second year onwards. Fee reduced to S$2,000 if you do not require the Nominee Director service.

For the second and subsequent years, we will provide all essential services on an annual basis, including year-end financial statements and tax filing for the prior year. Specifically, we will provide the following services:
  • Company secretary service for one year
  • Registered address service for one year
  • Nominee director service for one year
  • Year-end financial statements and tax filing for the prior financial year
  • Mix and match any add-on services.
If you no longer require our nominee local director service, the package fee reduces to S$2,000.
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Our competitors may trick you with their confusing and gimmicky prices. Adjust these sliders to your company's estimated figures and compare the fees you will pay.
Your Annual Revenue
Average for our clients is S$653K. Adjust to your figure.
Your Annual Expenses
Average for our clients is S$389k. Adjust to your figure.
Your Annual Bank Transactions
Average for our clients is 125. Adjust to your figure.
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We deliver 

not gimmicks

All required corporate services with world-class service delivered for a fixed, transparent price. Pay for additional services ONLY if you need them.
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"No Gimmicks" Pricing

We do not trick you with low-ball teaser prices and then ramp up our fees as your company grows. Watch out for firms that tie their fees to your company's monthly revenues or expenses — such contracts are quite common. Being aware of these gimmicks can save you a bundle and agony later.

Early-stage Risk Protection

By sharing your early-stage risks we align our mutual interests. We will set up your company and help you explore the feasibility of your venture for six months without charging you fees for the full year. Furthermore, we will absorb the cost of closing your company if your plans do not materialize.

Not Bots But People

People matter and experience matters. We won't push cookie-cutter solutions through software bots and self-service apps. Through our portal, our experts will provide advice and service that is tailored to your specific needs. Cookie-cutter solutions can be an expensive mistake in the long-run.

Assistance with Immigration

If and when you decide, you can add Employment Pass application or any other immigration service with this package. We have deep and unmatched experience with immigration services for entrepreneurs and their families.

World-class Technology

Industry experts have designed our software platform for comprehensive corporate compliance. It accurately and efficiently coordinates tasks between you, our team, and government systems. Don't fall for flashy apps that are good for signing you up but fall short in real-life compliance.

Not the biggest but the Best!

We don't strive to become the biggest or the cheapest company but rather to continue be the best one. We bring experience, regulatory knowledge, and service quality to the table: these are the factors that make us quantitatively better than other firms. Check out our Google Reviews to verify!
Trusted by innovative foreigners and foreign companies.
Add-on Services

Employment Pass

Includes S$350 in government fees. We will refund 50% of our fees if your application is unsuccessful.

We will review your particular situation and advise you on the best way to prepare your application. Our experience and personalized approach to EP applications is unmatched and our interests are fully aligned with obtaining a successful outcome for you.
  • Fee includes government fees
  • Advice, filing, and monitoring of the EP application
  • Liaising with authorities as necessary to provide clarifications or answers to queries
  • In case of a rejection, filing an appeal at no cost
  • Refund of 50% of our fees if the application is unsuccessful
We do not use cookie-cutter applications that use boiler-plate formats.


Plus S$2 per banking transaction, reduces to S$1 above 600 annual transactions

We don't force our bookkeeping service on you. Many of our clients do their day-to-day bookkeeping themselves. Of course, if you prefer that we do the day-to-day bookkeeping for your company, our fee is as below:
  • A base annual fee of S$200.
  • S$2 per banking transaction for up to 600 annual transactions, reduces to S$1 per transaction above 600 annual transactions.
  • Our bookkeeping service is not tied to your revenue or expense amounts! We offer an affordable and easy-to-understand bookkeeping fee structure.
Above 300 annual transactions, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to an online accounting software such as Xero (see Xero pricing plans).

XBRL Conversion

Service is only required for companies with corporate shareholders

This service is needed only if your company has one or more corporate shareholders. Companies with corporate shareholder(s) are required to file their financial statements in a specialized format called XBRL.
  • Convert financial statements file to XBRL format
  • File the XBRL format with ACRA
Companies without corporate shareholders — which is the case with 80% of our clients — do not require this service.

GST Filing

Applicable only to GST registered companies

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax. Companies with revenue below S$ 1 million are generally exempt from GST registration. Hence, this service is required only if your company is GST registered.
  • Preparation of your GST return each quarter for a fee of S$350 each quarter.
  • If you need to register your company for GST, our registration fee is S$400.
If you are using our Nominee Director service, for GST registered companies, an additional fee and a refundable security deposit may apply to cover Nominee Director's risk in GST compliance obligations to IRAS.

Trademark Registration

S$800 for each additional Class of the same mark

To protect your unique branding, you can register your trademark in Singapore.
  • Trademark search and preparation of trademark application
  • Submission of trademark application to Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
  • Followup with IPOS and clarification or answers to any queries

License Application

Cost varies
Cost depends on the specific license

If your business activity is regulated in Singapore and your company requires a license or permit to operate its business, our fee for consultation and filing of the licensing application will depend on the specific license.
  • Evaluation of your business to determine correct licensing requirements
  • Preparation and filing of the license application with the relevant government body
  • Followup with the licensing authority and provision of clarification or answers to any queries


Cost varies
Audit is not required for most small to mid-size companies

Most small to mid-size companies are exempt from an audit of their accounts. More than 96% of our clients are exempt from the audit requirement. If your company reaches a growth level where it must appoint an auditor, we will introduce you to a cost-effective audit firm from our list of partner firms.
  • Introduction to a partner audit firm
  • Liaising with the audit firm to get your accounts audited smoothly

Ad-hoc Services

Cost varies
Affordable and transparent

Occasionally, you may require other ad-hoc services during the course of running your business. Our commitment is that we will always charge you a fee that's reasonable and commensurates with the effort involved. We are always transparent with no gimmicks and hidden fees.
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    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    This is an important issue and you should understand it well before you select a corporate service provider. Several Singapore-based providers will offer you a low price for the incorporation but they require you to buy additional services — such as accounting or bookkeeping — whose fees are tied to your revenues or expenses. These services are listed under innocuous-sounding names such as Accounting by Expense Pricing Model but these models are quite regressive and pernicious. For one firm who uses such a model, your annual accounting fees will be $1,200 if your monthly expenses are less than $7,500 but they will rise to $6,000 if your expenses reach above S$75,000! In the case of another firm, your accounting fees will be S$600 per year if your revenue is between S$0 and S$5,000 per month but will rise to S$4,200 per year as soon as your monthly revenue crosses S$50,000!

    These revenue or expense linked fee models effectively results in a "revenue tax" on your company's funds. As you grow, your revenues and expenses are likely to increase, and so will your accounting fees! You will have to pay these increased fees even if you are not making a profit.

    In contrast, first of all, we don't force you into our bookkeeping service. Secondly, our accounting fees are not tied to your revenue or to your expenses. They are tied only to the number of banking transactions you conduct in a month, irrespective of the size of those transactions.

    You can input your company's estimated estimated figures and compare the fees you will pay using our cost estimator.

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