Do you incorporate Singapore Companies?
Transform your business and improve your bottom line.

Law Firms

For most law firms, the Corporate Services department is a troublesome step-child. It rarely generates a profit and often wastes valuable billable time. We will turn that around and make it into a healthy profit center for your firm.

Incorporation Agents

You no longer have to rely on manual processes that lead to low margins, poor service, compliance risk, and limited growth. Upgrade to the most sophisticated Corporate Services platform with no upfront cost or risk.

Accounting Firms

Are you not providing the full suite of Corporate Services because you lack the necessary know-how and technology expertise? We can fill this gap and help grow your Corporate Services business into a healthy revenue stream.

Focus on growing your client portfolio

Let our platform do the rest.

Imagine a world where… your firm is working like a well oiled machine – work gets done on-time, accurately, and clients are ecstatic. You no longer have to worry about payment collection, technology, compliance, task coordination, client updates – the platform does it all. You can scale your business with full confidence that your operational capabilities will not let you down!

A game changing platform…

Where improved bottom line is just the beginning

Dramatically reduce your operational costs

Our smart workflow technology orchestrates all work for your team. Most tasks are automated and only those that require staff input are intelligently routed to the right team member. There is no wasted time and your productivity shoots up.

Automate and eliminate costly errors

Our platform has been carefully designed by industry experts. Most error-prone tasks have been automated e.g. document preparation, payment collection, task coordination, follow-up reminders, filing calendar, etc. Those requiring human input have built-in validation steps.

Scale rapidly and put your growth on steroids

Our platform can smoothly orchestrate all your work, no matter if you are serving ten clients or ten thousand. Scale up your business with confidence – our platform will ensure that the service quality and operations will not let you down.

Delight customer with “anywhere, anytime” service

In a pervasively connected world, customers expect to receive seamless service, across multiple channels and around the clock. That is exactly what our platform delivers – a 24×7 service through a “best in class” portal where clients can get self-service anywhere, anytime.

Streamline KYC and AML compliance

ACRA’s new KYC and AML regulations requires extensive customer due diligence and risk evaluation. This compliance is difficult, but risky if neglected. Our platform’s KYC processes have been designed by experts and they deliver the necessary rigor.

Partner and expand your offerings

Within our platform’s ecosystem, you will get access to other experts who can complement your service offerings. By collaborating with them, you can offer expanded services to your clients. Deliver better value to your customers and generate more revenue for your business.

No IT Infrastructure · No Investment | Join · Collaborate · Grow

Don’t get left behind…

Embrace a technology-driven business model; it is the future!

  • One industry after the other is being upended…

    Technology is changing our world very profoundly – many industries have been obsoleted and others transformed radically. Corporate Services is ripe for such disruption; if you operate in this industry, we can help transform your business so that you are leading this change instead of being it’s roadkill. Our fully-managed platform provides world-class features, security, scalability and performance for a transformative business model.

  • We make it easy and risk-free, switch before it’s too late…

    We offer a flexible model for working together where our success is aligned with yours. We do not charge any upfront software license fees or require any capital investments – so your risks are minimal. Our rewards are tied to your revenue growth and cost savings. You can try our platform risk-free and switch to it only after you are convinced of its value. So, the risks in making the move are none but the risks in being left behind are severe.

  • Make the switch at your own pace, try and confirm before you move…

    You decide how quickly you want to come on board. Experiment with our platform on a trial basis. Once you are satisfied, you can either start enrolling only your new clients, or migrate all clients right away. Our platform make the migration process as simple and efficient. Along the way, we will be standing right behind you to help you with the migration and to train your staff.

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