Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a new software platform for the delivery of incorporation and compliance services for companies. In its first release, the platform has been launched in Singapore and can be used to incorporate and administer Singapore-based private limited companies. We plan to add other jurisdictions to the platform in Q4 2018.

Services on our platform are delivered by experienced teams of corporate service provider partners. We follow a rigorous process to ensure that only high-quality partners are enrolled to our platform.

What product or service do you provide? Platform (CSP) supports a complete range of corporate services for private limited companies in Singapore. These services include initial incorporation, ongoing compliance, license approvals, payroll administration, book-keeping, tax filings, immigration services, and other related services.

The platform is a “first in the industry” all-digital platform that creates a complete eco-system for provision of corporate services. On, different industry participants and experts collaborate to deliver a seamless customer experience to you. The platform enables you to initiate, track, and manage all your service requests through a user-friendly, modern and sophisticated online client portal. Our platform has a state-of-the-art user-interface design, highly secure and scalable technology, on-demand architecture, and process automation to bring you a world-class experience and significant cost savings.

Can I see a demo of the platform?

The best way to see our platform in action is to setup an account. The account is FREE. The video below provides an overview of the platform.

What are the main benefits of your platform?

Our platform disrupts the stodgy and ossified corporate services industry of Singapore and transforms it fundamentally. Instead of the old inefficient model where customers are at the mercy of their service provider returning emails or calls, we put you in control. You initiate, manage and control every task for our team through the platform; our platform intelligently routes each task step to the right person and monitors the response time and quality of delivery for each step. The advantages of this new model are too many to list here but you can start by visiting our Why You Should Join page.

How do I signup for your services?

Start with creating an account on our platform at our Signup page. Login, see our platform in action, choose the services you need, get your questions answered by our experts. You can do all this within the platform!

Can I transfer my existing company to your platform?

Yes, of course. And better yet – you can do this transfer FREE of any cost! The process is simple: you provide us your company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN) and we do the rest.

If you are interested in switching your company to our platform, create a free account first. Once you have registered on our platform, simply choose Transfer My Company from the list of services and we will initiate the necessary steps. After you start this service, you will receive step-by-step instructions about how the process works.

Why should I switch my company to you from another service provider?

We offer the most innovative and user-friendly solution for administration of Singapore companies, bar none! Our customer service is unmatched by any of our competitors. And to top it all, our prices are very competitive. So, if “better service at lower price” sounds like a good deal to you, you should move to us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most modes of online payment. These include the following:

  • Most credit cards
  • Most debit cards
  • Bank-to-Bank transfer to our account

We do not accept cash payments.

What does “anytime, anywhere access” mean?

Our platform is available 24×7 and you can reach it from anywhere in the world. This means that you can access your company information, initiate, manage, and track the status of your service requests whenever and wherever you are.

Will I be assigned a relationship manager when I join your platform?

Yes. Every customer is assigned a dedicated team that consists of relevant experts in their fields. Our platform routes every service request to the appropriate expert in the team who will respond and act on it. Each team on our platform is able to provide the full range of Corporate Services including Corporate Secretarial, legal, accounting, immigration and other related services.

Do you offer live customer support via phone?

Yes, we provide support through Skype and other web-conferencing tools. After you create an account, these support options will be available to you within the platform.

How do I check the status of my requests online?

You can get the latest status of any request under “My Requests” section of your Client Dashboard. You will also receive emails notifications for all significant events related to your request (such as when some additional information is required from you, a government approval is obtained or a deadline is approaching).

Can I access my company documents online?

Yes. You can access all information about your company under “My Companies” section of your Client Dashboard.

Can I authorize additional users to have access to my company’s information?

Yes, you can add additional authorized users to your account under “My Users” section of your Client Dashboard.

Can I sign documents electronically with your platform?

We fully support and strongly encourage the use of electronic signatures of documents on our platform. Our platform can orchestrate electronic signatures from multiple parties on a document. While we prefer electronic signatures due to their convenience and efficiency, we do not mandate them. If you do not want to use electronic signatures, you can continue the “download, sign and upload” process in our platform.

Is it safe to sign document electronically?

Yes, Singapore government has passed legislation that not only approves but encourages the use of electronic signatures for corporate matters related to Singapore companies.

Is my data secure with your platform?

Our platform operates on an enterprise-class security architecture that is designed and managed by Google. It incorporates the latest security innovations that include the following:

  • Access to all data is controlled through a password-secured user account. All information between the user and our servers is exchanged using SSL/TLS security.
  • All customer data stored on our servers is automatically encrypted prior to being written to disk. Each encryption key is itself encrypted with a set of master keys. We use the same level of encryption policies and in the same keystore, as those used by Google’s production services.
  • All platform requests, such as web requests, storage bucket access, API requests, and user account access, are logged.
  • At the physical level, our platform runs on data centers that are the most secure in the industry. We run on Google’s data centers that provide a layered security model.

Can I transfer my company from you to another service provider?

Yes. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service we provide, you can transfer your company from our platform to any other service provide – no questions asked. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not lock you in with contracts that prevent such transfer. We want you to stay with us because you love our service, not because you have to.

What is the background of your team?

Our platform has been designed over a period of 3 years by our team of lawyers, technologists and corporate administrators who collectively have over 300 years of experience in providing corporate services.

Based on our team’s prior experience with this industry, we foresaw the opportunity created by changes to Singapore’s regulatory framework for company administration. These changes have radically changed the compliance and data management requirements for the industry. Our team has designed our platform and business model from the ground up with a digital-first approach and for compliance with the new regulatory framework. While incumbent service providers struggle to retrofit their old technologies and models, we have a solution that is designed for the new paradigm! As they make this painful transition, these service providers are unleashing chaos on their customers; customers are confronted with added bureaucracy, missed deadlines, price increases, and unresponsive customer service.

In contrast, our platform delivers streamlined service excellence that works perfectly. We have created detailed workflows that accurately implement the new regulations and ensure that you will be in compliance at all times.

Can I use your platform for my own corporate services business?

Absolutely! We welcome such partnerships with organizations that have a customer-centric approach. If you incorporate Singapore companies for your clients on a regular basis, we would love to speak with you. We have established a very flexible partnership program to enable you to use our platform for your business. You can learn more about it in this presentation.

Do you offer corporate services in other jurisdictions?

Not yet. At present, we only offer corporate services in Singapore. But we are actively looking to expand our service to other jurisdictions. We will announce this expansion by Q4 2018.